A little intro...

Hey there!

My name's Asia and I'm the writer behind Life of Rey. I've had a blog before but I never took it seriously enough to keep it going. The thought of having strangers read my ramblings was terrifying. Nowadays, every entrepreneur has a blog so I thought the third time's the charm. 

I'm a college grad turned student again that just wants to figure out the formula of having her life together. Juggling a job, school and a social life needs to come with a manual. 

This space will be filled with ramblings of life along with art inspo, a showcase of my projects, travel/event recaps and maybe a recipe thrown in. I want my readers to feel like this is a space where they can bundle under the covers, grab some tea and relate to all of the mishaps that happen in my life.

Thanks so much for taking a look around. Enjoy!