A Relaxed Recap


Before I knew it, I missed a post day. I haven’t missed a day since I started this blog in the beginning of the year but I was way too relaxed to care. I highly doubt any of you care either but I thought I’d address it.

//. On Sunday Ri and I got back from Philly. It was amazing and I’m so sad we had to come back. Our airbnb was beautiful, Chinatown was actually authentic, the food was bomb. The ride was super smooth so I can definitely see us going back one day. And no, I did not get a cheese steak. I don’t like them so Geno’s wasn’t in our itinerary.

//. I really needed that long weekend. Columbus day isn’t a real holiday but I do enjoy a day off. I had class but decided to stay home to get other work done. We don’t get another holiday until Thanksgiving so I’m holding on to as many off days as possible.

//. I have officially booked my first client! They say that if you aren’t scared when you take a leap it’s not a big enough leap. Let me say that I was absolutely terrified to send off my estimate. The client accepted it with no problem and I got an email today saying the deposit has been paid! A double payday. I’ll be getting started on the project tomorrow and my creative juices are flowing.

//. We get a new project (or 2) every class so my schedule is p a c k e d. Whether it’s work, my new client or class, I’m always working on something. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel super fulfilled and ready to tackle all of it. It’s always mind blowing to think about how I got here.

//. BB has been bugging me about where we’ll go for our next vacation. Cruises are great but we’ve been on two already so I wanna do something else. I’m thinking New Orleans. Lots of culture, food, music… you name it. I just don’t know what time of year. Spring or fall? I feel like summer may be too hot. I’m loving the airbnb life so I’ll opt for that instead of a hotel.

//. The travel bug has bit me hard so I’m thinking of taking a day trip to NY during winter break. I want to go to B&H to sell one of my cameras and just get away again. I was thinking of taking the bus as it’s maybe $11 each way but my spirit is telling me to take the train so I can be more comfortable. I haven’t taken Amtrak since my freshman year of college. Everything is near Port Authority so if I can help it I won’t need any cabs or ubers.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day of work so it’s time for dinner then bed. What have you been up to lately?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash