Design Project: Type & Image

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a project I’ve done for school. It’s been a bit overwhelming trying to juggle everything but I’ve created a few things that I really like. For this project, we were to find an image online and use a set of words to change the meaning of it.


For “slow”, I imagined plants. For me, being surrounded by plants or nature in general makes me slow down and appreciate it all. I didn’t want to just slap a word on top of an image so I found ways to integrate it.

bitter 04 72dpi.jpg

This image was one of my favorites. When I came across the image it stuck with me because of the directness of the eye. It was frightening despite the explosion of glitter all over the face. The eye looked menacing to me and the red glitter mimicked blood as if it was taken in a murder scene. Dark, right? I thought “bitter” was perfect for this so it would turn into a revenge plot against someone. I got mixed reactions from my classmates but I still love it nonetheless.


This one was more obvious than the others. It’s clearly absurd to have this vintage couch in the middle of nowhere. Like the others, I integrated the text by sinking the word into the couch. I do like how the shadow on the left extends over the text. Gives it more of a realistic touch.


Lastly, I chose “brave” for this image. This woman is minding her own business in this random alleyway but most women try to be cautious when entering side streets at night. I really liked the colors even though I wouldn’t say they’re particularly scary. I had trouble finding a way to incorporate the text but I think adding it along the street was successful. I played with blending modes to help it interact with the colors and shadows already in the image.

And that’s it! I hope you liked these. I created them in Photoshop and all images were taken from Unsplash. Do you have a favorite? Let me know!