We Live In A Scary Time


Note: This post is heavier than my usual ramblings so if you’re not in the right headspace to talk about recent and dark events (which I won’t blame you for), please skip this one.

Lately it seems that almost every week the US has a tragedy or scary event happen. It’s almost to the point where we have become numb to all of the mess #45 has created or the feeling of fear slowly increases. I’ve been asking myself “what time period are we living in?” more and more where it feels like I’m in a really bad dream. This agenda of hatred and violence against one another has become an epidemic and it needs to be stopped before something truly awful happens.

I’ll start this off with the pipe bombs that have been intercepted. They were sent to many important people like the Obamas, Clintons, Biden and CNN. To think that someone planned an assassination attempt against two former presidents and a VP is terrifying. The war against the media has gotten out of control with the shooting of journalists in Annapolis and now trying to blow up a company as well known as CNN. Thankfully, no one has been harmed but what if they were? Can you imagine the devastation? Everyday people are being put at risk by just doing their jobs.

This Kavanaugh shit further proved how much the US doesn’t care about victims of sexual assault. This man had an entire temper tantrum while a brave woman told her story and he was still appointed to the Supreme Court. All of the victim blamers came out of the woodwork and it was appalling. Victims are never to blame for being assaulted. I don’t care what they were wearing, where they were, what time it was or how inebriated they were. Assault is assault.

The rumor of #45 trying to erase trans people baffled me. How do you just erase an entire group of people? Trans people just want to be accepted as who they are and mind their business so why can’t everyone else?

Let’s talk about this shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. When I heard about this, my heart just sank. You have people again, minding their own business, in their place of worship when someone wants to disturb them by shooting recklessly. 11 people died because someone has the idea that “Jews are bad”. Are we living during the Holocaust? Is it 2018?! I really don’t know anymore.

White people also need to stop calling the police on black people for living their lives. While I take immense pleasure in seeing these people crash and burn after being exposed online, it needs to stop altogether. Stop wasting people’s time and energy. Stop calling the police for non emergencies. There should really be a fine for wasting their time.

The latest fuckery I’ve heard about is #45 thinks he can get rid of birthright citizenship with an executive order. I just cannot understand why this is even an issue. If a child is born here, they should be a citizen regardless of their parents’ status. This would affect me personally as my mom isn’t one but my dad is so I don’t even know which parent they would use to determine this.

All in all, the US has become a real shit show (more than it already was) to the point where I feel like anything could happen and it wouldn’t surprise me. The whole world is regressing to a time of hatred against others. Everyone needs to get their shit together.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I know this was a long ramble but I really needed to address it. Stay safe out there.

Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash