A Week of Excellence


Good morning beautiful people. This week had so many highs filled with opportunity and art. It's not every week that so many good things happen.

+ My job is expanding! I work for a small business and my boss has decided to have a location in DC so that we can get more DC business. We already have a good reach there but there are DC programs where businesses can ONLY work with other DC businesses. It's good for the community but bad for anyone outside of the District. This comes with eventually hiring more people - including a graphic design intern. My heart almost broke when I saw this because I'd LOVE to do that but I can't be the front desk and the GD... oh well.

+ The Obama portraits were revealed. Not gonna lie, I was a little surprised when I saw them. I liked them a lot but I imagined something else for the presidential portraits. However, when I took a step back and looked at previous works from the artists I appreciated them so much more. I think another issue is seeing them side by side. They aren't supposed to accompany one another. Appreciating them as individual pieces is key.

+ Valentine's Day. I like Valentine's Day but I'm not the girl that requires her boyfriend to do something extravagant. On the actual day he gave me a box of chocolates. Bless his soul cause I don't really eat chocolate like that. For dinner that night he ate leftovers and I had a perfect bowl of ramen. Perfect night. Friday night we made dinner together and just having that quality time was enough for me. Yesterday put the icing on the cake... we saw Black Panther.

+ WAKANDA FOREVER. This movie held up to allllll of the hype. I'm still in awe. The cinematography, costumes, characters, story... everything was amazing. There was so much black excellence that I NEED to see it again. All of the men were F I N E, all of the women were stunning, and all of the women were absolutely badass. No damsels in distress. This is what we mean when we say representation matters. It was amazing to see black people showing out in their African clothing. This movie will definitely go down in history. If you haven't seen it yet, GO NOW.

If this week can be summarized in a phrase, it would be "Black Power". It's amazing to be surrounded by so many influential black men and women.