Composite Inspo

Reynolds Final Project.jpg

My first assignment in my software class is to create a composite in Photoshop. I've done a few of these in the past so it was nice to jump back into it. When I'm brainstorming for projects I love to head over to Pinterest as there are so many images to comb through. The above image is a composite I created using stock photos from Unsplash. If you don't know about Unsplash, it has hundreds of beautiful stock images that are F R E E. And they're not your average photos of people posing with a thumbs up with stark white backgrounds. It's perfect for bloggers and artists for inspiration.

When thinking of composites, most people imagine surreal scenes with many different images applied. I love these kinds of composites as they tell stories and bring you into the image. I've never made one that's as surreal as these but I've made a few "realistic" ones.

Double exposures are my favorite type of composite. Blending the body with images is so organically beautiful. I've only done a handful before but I want to learn how to have the landscape break the boundaries of the shape of the body to give it more movement. I'm hoping to accomplish this in my first assignment.

Do you like composities? Which is your favorite?

Images by: Gabe Tomoiaga, Rhiannon Logsdon, Eugin Core Fotografia, & Nevessart