Daydreams 001


I’m a daydreamer. A chronic one maybe. I’m that person that gazes off into the distance at work, walking the dog or even driving. I mainly daydream about how I envision my future. I don’t aspire to be rich and famous. I don’t need a mansion or a Ferrari. I dream of peace of mind and stability. I thought I’d create a series about my zone out moments to see if anyone can relate.

I want a big, airy space.

Lots of natural light from bay windows.

Translucent, white curtains that dance in the warm breeze.

Hardwood floors that I’ve memorized where they creak.

Plants scattered everywhere I look.

Lucky bamboo.



Peonies and hydrangeas.

Trinkets sitting on floating shelves to remind me where I've traveled.

Books galore.

Shelves of my favorite classics, thrillers, and my stay-at-home-mom novels.

Bohemian yet modern furniture with pops of color for pillows.

Art strewn across the walls.

Art of my own and my collection of indie artists.

A candle or diffuser in every room.

Pictures of family and friends at each turn.

No noise.

No distractions.

No stress.

This is how I want my own place to be. This is how my own place will be.