Endless Asian Food


It's crazy how inflexible you can feel before a yoga session versus afterward. I haven't done yoga in years and my hamstrings started screaming during the first stretch. After one 10 minute session I felt more relaxed than I've felt in awhile and my limbs are semi jello. Working out has been something I've been meaning to start forever ago so today marks my first day in my routine, Wish me luck that I don't fall off - like I usually do.

Earlier this week I had another existential crisis. I'm always exhausted throughout the week and I was so frustrated over it. Life isn't supposed to be about working and dying. I couldn't even get excited about class so I just decided to leave early and call it a day. On these really low days I just need time to sit in my feelings before my optimism pops back in and I can move on.

+ Why is customer service such hell? This week my job had so many unruly and irritating clients. The "my way or the highway" clients and the "what do you think" clients. These are extremes when it comes to design but I hate them with my entire soul. A good mixture of knowing what you want but being open minded is perfect. I know I'll have to endure this for my entire life since I want to freelance but at least then I have the freedom of telling people NO.

+ If you're in the DMV area then you know that we had hurricane winds yesterday. The wind was so ridiculous that it woke me up in the middle of the night by shaking the windows. I was also woken up at 5 am when my college texted AND called me to say that they were closed for the day. I prayed that my boss would text us and say don't worry guys it's bad out there but nooo. Schools (K-12 and most colleges) and even the government were closed but there I was sitting at my desk. My coworker and I hoped that the power would go out but it only flickered. The wind knocked out power lines and trees all over so a highway was blocked and many streetlights were out. Police were working overtime to attempt to be crossing guards but it didn't last for long. We have most of the today to deal with the winds but then we can finally breathe again.

+ Tomorrow BB and I are planning to have a double date at Honey Pig. I've had so much Asian food lately and my heart is content. We've had Pho, Korean BBQ and Chinese food all in the same week. My chopstick skills are almost at expert. The only thing I'm missing is Thai food. I actually miss hearing my mom/grandma yell at each other in Thai and having an endless supply of rice available.

I'll be finishing up art projects for the rest of day so that I can relax during class next week. I'm conflicted between two options for my museum poster! Stop by my Instagram and let me know which background color you like for my Buddha poster. Red or Green?!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash