Foggy Saturday

Was it me or did this week D R A G? All I remember is going to work and sitting there bored. Slow work days are bittersweet, I don't have paperwork but on the other hand, my brain is melting from doing nothing.

+ This week was my best fren's 25th birthday so after work I met up with the girls do some window shopping. As we've gotten older, birthday bashes seem like a thing of the past. Just spending time with one another is more than enough. I got her a bottle of my favorite wine and a candle since she's obsessed with candles. I kept wanting to hear her opinion of the wine but she's decided to save it for when we get to New York so we can be classy Sex and The City style.

+ Class has been great for my creativity. We had our first critique and it went really well. I usually hate them since I've sat through more than my fair share but the class had nothing but constructive things to say about everyone's work. Our next project is to create our own comic book cover and museum poster. I've already started the comic book cover and have the idea for the poster already. For homework, we just need to submit a sketch. As a person that cannot draw to save their life... I'm loathing this part.

+ Today I woke up to an eerily foggy morning. Silent Hill eerie. If you live in the DMV you know that the weather is absolutely unpredictable. It was a perfect 78 degrees last Wednesday and the next day was 50 and rainy. We still have to brave through the month of March as it has the chance to be hot and snow in the same week.

+ After waking up late and cleaning the house, BB and I decided to have Chipotle for brunch (so healthy right?) and stopping into GameStop. We came across the many Pops and it hit me that Black Panther should be having their own and then I saw it... a tiny T'Challa. Needless to say, we currently own 4 out of the 7 Black Panther Pops. T'Challa in his suit, T'Challa at Warrior Falls, Nakia and Shuri. All we need now is Okoye, Eric Killmonger in his regular clothes and Eric in his Panther suit. Are we going to see it again tomorrow? Yes. Are we obsessed? Yes.
For the rest of the day I'll be working on homework, reading blogs and doing some intense cuddling with the kids.

What do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash