Girl's Trip to New York


My friends and I have been talking about visiting New York for over a year now but plans always fell through. Planning events with POC is a nightmare.

By some miracle, we all decided to take a trip up to NY in March. We'll be leaving on Friday after work and coming back Sunday evening so we'll have about 1 1/2 days to explore. The terrible thing about NY is there are so many things to see so if you're going for a limited time you most likely won't be able to see everything. For me, I want to go to MoMA, B&H, get real NY pizza and get ramen.


I went to MoMA back in my senior year of high school and saw the Tim Burton exhibit. Tim Burton is my FAVORITE director so it may have been the happiest moment of my life. I wasn't able to go into the actual exhibit since those tickets were sold out but there were old sketches of The Nightmare Before Christmas on display as well as a huge balloon person of one of his drawings. Fucking. Magical.

There's a restaurant in Brooklyn called Ichiran where you eat in solo booths. No need for interacting with unnecessary people. An introvert's dream. There's even a no tipping policy. A broke person's dream. All of my friends are down to go here so I'm hoping we get to stop by for dinner one night.


The last place I want to visit despite it being a tourist trap and hell to native New Yorkers is Times Square. I just want to say I've been there you know? I want to see the different billboards, Broadway shows that are there, ads... everything. I'm sure my friends will NOT let us go but I will go one day. May have to be a solo trip.

Everyone has bought their bus tickets but we're kind of in limbo with our hotel/airbnb. All housing accommodations in NY are always expensive so if you know of any places that can house 3 lovely ladies for two nights, let me know!

Where are your favorite places to visit in New York?

Photos on Unsplash