In Honor of Payday


Is it really March already? January took 3 years to end and February flew by. I can tell it's March because the weather has been all over the place. This winter season has been a total waste because I missed no work and no school. My college closes every day I don't have class and something really bad has to happen for my boss to give us the day off. All I wanted was just one snow day.

+ My coworkers and I have been drowning in work lately. Now that spring has been peeking through, everyone and their mom has called in for quotes. It got so overwhelming that we had to sit down and prioritize each project. It doesn't help that many of these clients have the audacity to rush us as if they're last minute planning is our fault.

+ In honor of payday yesterday, Ri and I bought tickets to Gettin' Grown's first ever live show! Gettin' Grown is a podcast hosted by two bomb women that talk about the struggle of adulthood. These ladies are in their 30s so it's great to see that I'm not the only one sitting on the struggle bus trying to figure things out. We've been waiting for them to have a live show and this one just happens to be in DC. I'll have to save a bit so I can get a #teamtypingfast shirt but at least I have until April.

+ My second no regrets purchase I made in honor of payday was tickets to see CHILDISH GAMBINO!! I quickly realized that many people don't know who that is until I show them a picture. Childish Gambino is also Donald Glover. The man behind the FX show Atlanta. He's been in the latest Spiderman movie and will be in the new Star Wars. During undergrad I had a huge poster of his face in my room so this is a dream come true. Rae Sremmurd will be opening for him so I'll even get to see Swae Lee. Barely any of my friends like Gambino like I do but my wonderful cousin volunteered to go with me. September 19th will be one of the best days of my life.

Next week is spring break so I'll be able to finalize two school projects and prepare for NEW YORK! This time next week I'll be in the big apple with the girls.

What do you have planned for next week?