Milwaukee 001: The City


For Christmas last year we decided to visit BB's family up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a week. As you all know, I hate the cold but stuck it out to see family. I wasn't prepared to feel the bitter cold of the Great Lakes but I'm always down for a plane ride.

When we arrived we got a quick tour around the city from BB's dad. Like all major cities, there's a downtown area with bustling stores and beautiful architecture. The cold made the landscape look barren and grey but I'm sure it's beautiful during the warmer months. I'd say that Milwaukee is similar to DC or NY with how the streets are arranged. Main roads increase from 1st street up to over 100 so you can always find your way. Most residents will say they're at "1st and Capitol" or any other crossroad. Even I got the hang of it by the end of our trip.

BB lived in Milwaukee for a few years so he enjoyed taking me around to all of the landmarks and introducing me to all of the good food. We went to a few different restaurants/fast food places during our trip and I can say that every place had amazing food. Despite the food being mass produced, it felt like each cook/chef cared and made sure each order was made at its best quality. If I go back to Milwaukee for anything, it would be the food.


The city also has a rich history that shows in the gorgeous old houses. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty so many houses are abandoned/condemned. If the city invested in revamping the old neighborhoods I could imagine floods of people buying these properties. BB's dad actually buys these abandoned houses and flips them. He showed us this stunning, 3 story home that I already imagined myself living in. Gorgeous stairs, arched entryways, screen porch, need I say more?

If you're planning a trip to Milwaukee, I do NOT suggest to go during the winter. For obvious reasons of course. The nights and mornings can be negative double digits so bundle up! I also suggest being super careful while driving. We saw too many drivers running red lights and we even witnessed an accident. Eyes on the road, ok?

Are there any other awesome parts of Milwaukee I missed?