Milwaukee 003: More Food


Aaaand we're back with another list of food places you have to visit before you die. I wish Maryland had all of these restaurants but I'll have to just relive these memories in pictures.

575 W Layton Ave
Milwaukee, WI

Culver's is the last place BB couldn't wait to go to. After a day of driving and walking in the cold, we needed something to munch on before bed. By this time BB's brother, his girlfriend and youngest brother (confusing I know) were all staying with us so we had a big group to feed. I was already in my pajamas so going to a restaurant was not in my future. I coerced BB to go out to pick up Popeyes for me but he said the line was out of the door. Instead, he took the chance to go to Culver's. I had no idea what they served so he picked us all up some chicken tenders and fries. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were all tired and tipsy but they were so good. My soul, after it was all eaten, was in utter turmoil.

Point Burger Bar
10950 W Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI

Point was not only a great burger place but also super convenient as it was across the street from our hotel. We stopped in one night just to grab drinks but ended up splitting a burger. They have a great list to choose from or you can create your own. We decided to split a Hangover burger complete with pastrami and a fried egg on top. The burger was pretty big so our half portions and fries were the perfect amount. Later in the trip, we took advantage of their carryout with another Hangover burger.

7105 Grand Ave

The last place on my must-eat is Giordano's. It's an hour away from Milwaukee so it was technically in Illinois but the drive wasn't bad at all. This is a pizza place, but not your normal run of the mill pizza place. We ordered a deep dish Chicago style pizza and this will now be in my top pizza places. It wasn't arranged like normal pizza where all the toppings are on top. All of the toppings were stuffed in the middle of the pizza with a layer of tomato sauce and bread on top. It was so hearty that two pieces could be filling enough for one person. I'm usually a 3-4 slice person. Almost everyone in the place was eating with a fork and knife just to get through everything. I decided to go all in with my hands of course.

So that's all of the Milwaukee restaurants on my must-eat list. Food is one of the most important aspects of any city so I give Milwaukee an A. If you missed the first three places I mentioned you can check it out here.

Where is your favorite place to eat?