Milwaukee 004: Milwaukee Art Museum


One of my favorite things to do is to wander art museums. When BB and I were planning our days in Milwaukee he mentioned stopping by the Milwaukee Art Museum. I'm not sure why he thought he had to ask me if I wanted to go. The answer will always be yes. BB, his little brother and I decided to stop by before we explored downtown.


The first thing I noticed was the breathtaking architecture. The outside of the building had "wings" that open during business hours and close at night. I wasn't able to watch them close but I'm sure it's a sight to see. Inside, there are tall ceilings with natural light pouring through the windows. The lobby was a wide open space where you could gaze at the river, like a blank space to prepare you for the vivid art through its corridors.

We spent over an hour browsing through every room and eavesdropping on group tours. I could spend all day in a museum; looking at each piece, admiring the craftsmanship and finding inspiration. There were classic works that made me ooh and ahh by how majestic they were. They had Picasso, O'Keefe, Warhol and other artists I'm sure everyone has heard of. Some were super silly and colorful while others were interactive and thought-provoking. I know that BB and his little brother don't appreciate art as much as I do but there were a few pieces that I knew they enjoyed. Interactive exhibits can intrigue anyone.

One of my favorite parts of the museum is the gift shop. Museum gift shops are where I have to almost give someone else my wallet because I want everything. There are souvenirs for all of the exhibits and don't even get me started on the books. There are books on artists, movements, how-to and anything else you can think of. There was even a pop-up book that was a real camera. There were instructions and even a few sheets of photo paper for you to use. BB had to pull me away from that one. I ended up leaving empty-handed. The boys got frustrated with me after awhile and asked if I wanted to see the art or just stay in the gift shop. These trips are best done on my own so I don't have to worry about someone else's pace.

My other favorite museums (that aren't Smithsonians) are MoMA in NY and the VMFA in Richmond, VA. This year I'd love to visit these as well as the museum in Philly. If you're looking for any museum recommendations in Washington, DC, I got you.

If you have a favorite art museum, let me know! I'd love to add it to my art bucket list.