My Love/Hate for Winter


I hate the cold. With all my heart. You're uncomfortable, have to wear a million layers, going outside hurts and people can't drive. I normally have combo/oily skin (shout out to my fellow oil slicks) but in the winter my entire body is D R Y. It doesn't matter how much water I drink, my lips are chapped 24/7. My face starts peeling and my skin feels like it's stretching. Even walking the dogs feels like torture. This bomb cyclone is feeding my hatred even more.

One thing that I like about winter is bundling up inside in sweaters/blankets. Those cozy days/nights where you can spend quality time with yourself or loved ones. The warm, hearty foods that make you feel warm and fuzzy are unbeatable. Holiday wise, this is my favorite time of year. Weather wise? Not so much.


In the summer BB and I like to head to big parks to take walks and yell about Pokemon Go. Now that the wind chill has put us in negative degree weather we had to find other ways to spend quality time.

I've been bugging him about doing a puzzle with me for months so he picked up a Rick and Morty puzzle at the mall. We set it up by the fireplace and went to work with the kids (pups) staring at us. It took a lot of patience to not throw things at them while they stepped on it every few minutes. Needless to say, we ended up not finishing it.

Even the kids have a love/hate for winter. They love frolicking around but then they realize it's cold and run back inside. We kept them super furry to help them with the cold but they started looking homeless so we took them to get groomed. We have sweaters for them but they're paws get super cold too so we may have to force them to wear booties too. That's if they don't rip them off immediately.

Besides this intolerable weather, how has winter been for you? If you have any skin care secrets that will prevent my body from cracking entirely, please let me know.

What's your favorite part of winter?