New Year, New Life


Happy New Year!

2018 is here. It's time to reflect and to start new beginnings. For me, this will be the year of investments. The year of believing in myself and setting the foundation for my future. Like everyone else on the internet, I'd like to start things off with a few goals I'm setting.

Career -
Practice more art. There are so many mediums I want to work with. My new love for graphic design needs more practice. I want to take more photos on a daily basis to shake the rust off of me. I want to learn to draw again. Drawing is so therapeutic and I was good at it once upon a time.

Create projects. One of the best ways for me to get into a flow of work is to create projects for myself. One year I did a disposable camera project that was so fulfilling and inspiring. I want - no, need - a project that will push me to work harder. If anyone has a place where they go to for creative prompts, I'm all ears!

Continue working on my brand. For my final graphic design project in class, we created a branding package for our own companies. We created a logo along with a business card, envelope, and letterhead. I love what I created but it does need some tweaking and some color.

Life -
More me time. Pretty self-explanatory. I have so many body scrubs, butters and deep conditioners that are collecting dust because I'm always on the go. I need to learn to slow down and focus on myself sometimes.

Take longer walks. When I first got my dog we used to take walks around the neighborhood every day. Lately, I've been lazy and we only walk to a small grassy area. The cold doesn't help either. This year I'll make more time to take him on longer walks because I know he enjoys them and I do too.

Save more. Minus a few setbacks, I've done pretty well this year with saving money. This holiday season has sucked all of my extra income up so it's back to the grind. Need to save for the big move.

Do you have big plans for 2018? I'd love to hear your yearly goals and resolutions!