Ways to Reorganize for 2018


Like most people, I accumulate a ton of crap within a year. Physical things, files and accounts I follow. When the holidays hit, it feels like every email subscription and account screams at you for sales or to say happy holidays. While this may make you feel warm and fuzzy at the time, it can get annoying as the year progresses. Once I get settled into January I get ahead on my spring cleaning and do a detox of all of the unnecessary things I've been holding onto. If you haven't started purging yet, here are a few things I do to get ready for the year ahead.

Dump old files.
I decided to go through my internal and external hard drives to see if I had been hoarding anything that can be deleted. As a photographer, I had so many old and embarrassing images that I was able to let go of. These were images that I knew would never see the light of day so why keep it? By the time that I deleted old photos, documents and memes I had freed up so much space.

Sort out old clothes.
Now that the New Year sales are over you can finally cut your credit card in half and reflect on everything you bought. But now your closet is bursting and clothes are piled up on "the chair". You know what chair I'm talking about. Use this time to go through your wardrobe and sort out what you'll never wear again. Sell them online or donate them!

I don't know about you, but I was so sick of all of those NEW YEAR'S 50% OFF and BUY IT NOW BEFORE THE SALE ENDS emails. My new tradition is to unsubscribe from ALL OF THEM. It felt so good to wake up and not have a million emails from stores I don't buy from often. Go through all of those "marked as read" emails and slam that unsubscribe button. I went even further by unfollowing old YouTube subscriptions, IG accounts I scroll past, and those dumb pages I followed on Facebook from high school. Having a clean inbox and social media feed is so refreshing.

A clean laptop, closet and feed have made such a difference in my peace of mind. I can't think straight when I'm surrounded by clutter and chaos. The only thing I wish I could get rid of are the never-ending headlines of the Trump chronicles. It feels like we're in a movie.

How do you organize for the new year?