Why You Should Archive Your Blog


Last weekend I almost had a heart attack. Not literally of course but I made such a dumb mistake that I wanted to curl into a ball in a corner forever. What did I do? I deleted my entire blog. You may have noticed that all of my previous posts are now showing that they've all been published on March 10th. This is because by some miracle I was able to find all of the old posts to copy/paste then republish. 

The last 3 months of posts got deleted when I was fiddling with the new template. How do you like it?! I thought I was deleting the demo version of the blog but lo and behold... it was mine. I had a mini freak out but discovered that Squarespace has a "deleted pages" section. I thought all was well until I realized that while the page was back, ALL of my posts were gone. Cue large freakout. My best friend suggested seeing if Bloglovin had saved all of my previous posts and thank god it did. I guess it hadn't caught up yet that I'm an idiot and deleted everything. I spent the next few hours emailing each post to myself to republish. I'm thankful that this space is brand spanking new so there weren't millions of posts to redo.

In light of my recent fuck up, I wanted to share two ways to archive your posts so if you end up making my mistake you have a backup.

Archive your posts
Find a way to save all of your writing. Could be Microsoft Word, Google Docs/Drive, any other website that will allow you to keep documents. If it weren't for Bloglovin I would've been screwed. In the future, I'll be using Google Drive to keep an archive.

Collect all images
Another saving grace for me was I saved all of the stock images and other images I used so I could get back to them whenever I needed it. Imagine having to scour the internet again. In addition to my laptop, I like to keep these images on Google Drive to later use with Hootsuite.

Always stay organized so that you can find what you need. If everything is jumbled together it can be hard to weed through once you've accumulated. If you have any tips on archiving your posts, let me know!

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash