Ike - Demon Slayer

After many many hours of being an inch away from my screen, I've finally finished my comic book cover assignment. The objective was to create your own character and use photoshop to color in the line drawing. I have never done a project like this but I'm really happy how this turned out. I think it'll be in my portfolio for a long time. 

Ike - outline.jpg
Ike - color.jpg

Because of my severe lack of illustration skills, I found an image online that I was able to trace over to get all of the facial features in place. Once that was done I drew in her afro and clothes. It's super basic but I didn't want too many distractions with her outlines. I wanted this character to be from Africa so I found some traditional Nigerian prints to use for her outfit. Coloring her in took the bulk of time since I had to zoom in so much to make sure everything was perfect.

Asia Comic Book.jpg

After the coloring, I added in her title/name and subtitle along with the background to finish it off! I think she looks pretty badass. We had to create a little backstory on our character and this is what I came up with:

Ike means power and strength in Igbo - a Nigerian language. She comes from an ancient tribe that travels worldwide to fight demons and monsters. Think of her as a cross between Wonder Woman and Blade. I wanted to give her an actual power besides her super strength and slow aging so I gave her the ability to manipulate and create fire. The background has embers along with the flames in her eyes. Like Wonder Woman, she has been around for hundreds of years but they live in a remote area so the rest of the tribe has not been discovered. I do imagine the tribe having men and children so the community keeps growing. As far as their creation, I'm not sure of yet.

This project was announced right after the release of Black Panther so of course I used it for inspiration. The movie really showed the world how representation matters so I wanted to have her character have natural hair and darker skin. If I could draw I'd have her in an action pose but we're taking baby steps.

Tell me what you think! Does anything stand out? Would you change anything? All critcism is good criticism (as long as it's constructive).