Snow Day At Last

Happy Spring! Well, not really. Spring may be here but Mother Nature isn't ready to let winter go. All season we had a bit of snow here and there but nothing too bad. She waited until the first day of Spring to unleash a real snow storm. The DMV is expected to get about a foot of snow depending on where you live. No complaints here.

This morning I woke up for work - at 5:45 I might add - and looked outside to not see much. There was a dusting on the grass but the roads were pretty clear. I could've gone in but knew that I would've gotten stuck there as it continued to accumulate. Best decision ever as since then it's gained at least 3 more inches. Even my boss left about 2 hours after we opened.

The kids were super excited to see that snow was falling. They love to dig their noses in it to try to find grass. Surprisingly I didn't see anyone else walking their dogs. Not even a dog in someone's yard. I guess their dogs don't have to pee?

On this glorious day off I plan to put together my New York posts. The trip was amazing and I can't wait to go back. Maybe when it's a bit warmer so we won't have to lug our coats around when we're inside stores. I also plan to get some drawing in since I've been slacking on this New Year resolution.

What are you doing on this snow day?