A Race Against Time


I feel like I'm in a race against time. Ever since I graduated college, I felt like my countdown began. I have a lot of personal goals in life like having my own business, working in a magazine or design agency, creating my own magazine... the list goes on. But why does it feel like I'm behind or that I'm running out of time? 

I know that a lot of twenty year olds share this rollercoaster of anxiety but why do we feel this way? We can blame it on the intense pressure of society to be successful and have the "American Dream" (whatever that is). We can also blame it on the comparison game of seeing other people your age killing so you beat yourself up about how you're not there. It could be because we grew up in a time where we have progressed technologically at lightning speed so we want instant gratification in everything. We grew up where we had to rewind VHS movies, cassettes, and wait for the dial-up internet to start. Now, we throw our hands up in anger if the internet moves a second slower than usual. We're in an age of one-click buying and on-demand movies so why should we have to wait to be successful?

As a 24 year old, part of me feels like I'm failing somehow. When I was young I shared the idea of how when I hit 25 I'd have my own place, a successful career and will be planning for marriage/kids soon. How wrong I was. This may have been true for our parents, but we do not live in the time where rent was $400 a month and gas was less than a dollar. We have to work our asses off for basic things and sitting around waiting for Prince Charming won't cut it. We've been pushed to obtain degrees that are amazing but also leave us in mountains of debt that won't guarantee a job. Why does it feel like we've taken a step back rather than forward?


Instead of feeling like a failure, it's time to start acknowledging the accomplishments I already have. I am a first-generation college grad and I'm grateful to have been able to even graduate without much financial support. I currently have a full-time job with a wonderful boss/coworkers. Many of us can't say that. I'm currently going back to school to pursue something that makes me excited. I have come a long way and I should be proud of myself.

To my fellow 20 year olds that feel like our time is running out: it's not. Our journeys are our own and all of our hard work will pay off one day. Forget the pressures of society that say by 30 we should have a family and a stable career. Ladies, it's time to stop thinking that finding a husband (or wife) and having kids is the end goal. Enjoy your journey. Learn from the lessons taught by the many obstacles we face. There is no clock. There is no deadline. There is no finish line. Live in the moment and live in your accomplishments.

Photos by Jordan Whitfield and Eddie Garcia on Unsplash