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One of the best things that has come out of me beginning this blog is discovering other blogs by other women of color. Before, I followed mainly white or Asian bloggers which has been great but I wanted to see other WOC succeed at blogging so I didn't feel alone. The Instagram and tag #blackgirlswhoblog brings together so many creative and inspiring women that have pushed me to keep blogging. I wanted to share three accounts that I discovered on IG that I fell in love with.


The Oddity
First and foremost, do you see how gorgeous this girl is?! Sofiyat's IG feed is so vibrant and filled with her bright personality. She hasn't blogged in awhile but she posts regularly on IG showing her super colorful outfits. IG: @the_odditty


The Sunflower Experience
I still haven't made it through all of Erin's blog posts but it's the perfect thing to read while in bed. Her posts are empowering, thought provoking, and so important. Oh, I can't forget about those curls! IG: @theesperanzamaria


Alanna Nicole X
If you need some fashion inspo, Alanna is your girl. Her style is incredible and I always look forward to her posts. She recently made a video showing how to wrap your hair in different ways and I loved it. My hair could never but I can dream, right? IG: @alannanicolex

Representation is SO important in all industries. My Asian side is super fulfilled with stunning and independent Asian women through blogging and YouTube but I needed some melanin in the blogging world too. These three lovely ladies are my personal faves but I've discovered so many just browsing through the #blackgirlswhoblog tag. If you know of any BOC (bloggers of color) that you love reading, I'm open for recommendations!