Spring Sun and Portfolio Prep


Spring is finally here! Temps are in the mid 50s and up which means I don't have to freeze to death anymore. It's been raining a lot but we all know that's normal. We even had a day where it was in the mid 70s and I acted a fool. 

// This week felt like it moved super slow but before I knew it Friday was here. I think having class twice a week breaks things up so I can look forward to that instead of dreading a full work week. In honor of Good Friday it was a pretty slow day at work and my boss blessed us by letting us leave early. If all work days could be 6 hours I'd be so much happier. I feel like most people get their work done in 6 hours and the other two is spent killing time.

// I've finally learned the power of LinkedIn. On Wednesday I applied for a graphic design internship in Baltimore and instead of a typical resume they used only your LinkedIn profile. Mine was pretty up to date minus a few tweaks so it was imported and sent off. Within two days I received an email to invite me to an open house for an interview! It'll be a series of "rapid fire" interviews where I sit with 8-10 other people that are also applying and answer quick questions. I've never had an interview like this so I'm SUPER nervous. I have a lot of pep talking to do before the date. I also have to prepare my portfolio so I'll probably have to spend about $80 printing work.

// My comic book and museum poster projects are finally complete so we've moved onto a newsletter assignment. Magazines and newsletters are pretty much cousins so I was ready. I found some inspiration online and the ideas just kept flowing in. I'm super proud of how this one is going so it'll be added to my portfolio to be taken to the interview. It was a moment where I thought yes... this is what I was meant to do.

Today I'll be joining BB to get his haircut and going to see the new movie Ready Player One. I was never interested in the book but this movie makes me want to actually read it. When I saw the trailer I thought it was cool but once they showed The Iron Giant I was sold. I loved that movie so much I had two copies of it. The kids got into some mud this morning so they have a grooming appointment tomorrow at 7 am. Before/after pictures will be taken. Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see the transformation!

Oh and Happy Easter to all who celebrate! 

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash