The Beauty Edit | My Go-To Skincare Products


Welcome to part II of The Beauty Edit! If you missed last week's post about my favorite haircare products you can catch up here. Now to face stuff.

By the grace of the Gods, I was blessed with pretty decent skin. I mean decent as in I didn't suffer through a pizza face phase where I had to hide from every picture. That doesn't mean I didn't have acne, it just means that it wasn't super bad. However, my skin is QUITE oily. I think in all I have combination skin but my T zone is just... an oil slick. So instead of your run of the mill zits, I usually get blackheads. I only get pimples if it's around that time of the month.

When it comes to my face I'm open to trying new products but sometimes I get a bit worried about having a bad reaction. My old reliable when I was young was St. Ives' Apricot Scrub which I now realize is NOT good as it has fucking sand in it and you're not supposed to exfoliate like that everyday. After that, I've tried Garnier, Aveeno, Neutrogena and whatever I could get my hands on in a local Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Because of my binge on Apricot Scrub, I now feel like my face isn't clean if my cleanser doesn't have some kind of scrub in it so I can believe that I've gotten the dirt off. For my moisturizer, I was looking for something that doesn't let my face crack but doesn't feel sticky or like I have an extra layer on my face. Thankfully I think I've found some pretty solid products that I can say have been working for me for awhile.



For the past month I've been using Olay's Daily Facial Wipes. They come in a pack of dry wipes that are activated by water. I absolutely love these because if I need to travel, I can just take the pads with me and don't have to worry about TSA. It even come with a nifty box to keep them away from moisture. I keep them beside the shower and grab one when needed. The small holes give just the right amount of exfoliation too. They come in little folded squares and because I'm cheap, I cut them in half so now I have double the wipes. Yep... that's me.


I've gone through a lot of moisturizers in the past but Neutrogena's Hydro Boost hasn't let me down. It's a super lightweight gel that just glides along the skin. A little goes a long way so one jar can last me for a few months. My only gripe with this one is how it's $20. I'm thinking of trying Garnier's new moisturizer to see if I can get quality for a cheaper price. If not, I won't be disappointed about going back. Sometimes during the winter my face gets SUPER dry and cracks so I'll switch to Pods but this one usually has my back.



On to the fun stuff! I love face masks like every other girl. Nothing is better than hopping out the shower, popping on a mask and feeling brand new afterwards. These two from Ulta are in my recent haul. As you can see, I've already used the Revitalizing Oxygen sheet mask. I was expecting the mask to bubble up but it didn't. Maybe I got a weird one but my face still felt super soft and supple (is this word weird?). My best friend swears by the Pollution Defense Pomegranate Peel Off Mask so I'm excited to try it. She assured me that it's not deadly like those charcoal peel off masks people screamed over last year.

Like my best friend, I'll swear by this product forever. Freeman's Oil Absorbing, Mint & Lemon Clay Mask has been an absolute lifesaver. Like I said before, my face is shiny 90% of the day but this mask will have me looking normal for at least a day afterwards. It's so good that even BB will use it as you can see in the top picture. The other day he came out of the bathroom like "Look!" while wearing it. At least he's starting to care about his skin. If only I can get him to use a real moisturizer...


I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to skin but it's never a bad idea to prevent breakouts. I know I need to start using something with SPF to avoid any unwanted aging and maybe a toner. I used witch hazel in the past as my toner which was nice but I didn't really see a difference so I stopped. 

Thanks for reading part II of The Beauty Edit! If you have any skincare products you swear by let me know! I'm a product junkie.