How To Save Money To Travel


For some, traveling may seem like an unattainable goal. We are too busy working towards our careers, taking care of our families and other things to pack up and go. A huge obstacle some believe the biggest problem is how they will come up with enough money to fund it. It’s not as hard as it seems. With thoughtful planning and the will to make it happen, you could be in Italy by next year. Here are a few tips to start planning your next vacation.

Inspiration Boards

 The first step is the fun part; choosing where to go! Do you need somewhere to soak up some sun or are you aching for adventure? Think about a few places you’ve been dying to go to and make an inspiration board. Go on Pinterest and print out a few images of places. Find inspiration in magazines, online articles or anywhere else that has caught your eye. Collage them all together and see what sticks out to you. You may find out that your ideal trip encompasses windy streets of Europe instead of lounging on a beach in the Caribbean. Keep it somewhere that you can see it so you can always be reminded of your goal.


Now that you’ve picked a few places it’s time to research things to do, places to stay and how to get there. Search the country or place you’re going to and get some testimonials about cheap or luxurious attractions and hotels. If you are trying to save a bit of money there are always hostels and airbnb locations to try. Buying travel guides is also a great way because you can take it with you on your trip and bookmark things just in case wifi is not available where you are. Youtube videos of travelers can be some of the best ways to research because it gives you real information about things to do and you can see people actually doing it!

Budgeting and Saving

These words may seem scary but with a set goal and the time to do it those bills will add up. Start by taking a good look at those paychecks and decide how much you can put away each pay period to go towards the trip. It’s important that you think this through because if you put aside too much you could take away money from more important things like food. Too little and it’ll take longer to reach your goal! In time your savings will begin to make a dent and the issue of money will slowly disappear.

              Now that you’ve done your research and saved enough money it’s time to pack up and go! Traveling is the best way to open the mind to new things and release stress from the routine at home. Remember that traveling can mean going to a new country or just the next state over. Going to a new place doesn’t mean going thousands of miles away.

Where are you dying to go to?