New York Travel Diary


An entire month after our trip to NY and I'm just sitting down to blog about it. I'm awful I know. We all got together the other day and reminisced a bit about the trip so I knew that I had to sit down and write this so sit back and enjoy.

On March 18th Ri and I caught a 6 pm Peter Pan bus for the 4 hour ride. Our other friend decided to go down earlier for college visits and to check into our airbnb early. I love bus rides because I can soak up the scenery on the road without driving. However, it was a little cramped and I could only sleep about 30 minutes at a time. We arrived around 11 and immediately searched for food. Since we were at Port Authority there was food everywhere and we decided on Bonchon. I had their kimchi bacon fried rice and it was AMAZING.

Our airbnb was a cute little apartment in Washington Heights that had light coming in through huge windows. If I lived in NY it would be my dream apartment. The only bad thing was the heat didn't work on our first night. It was below 30 out so we had to leave the oven on and open to not freeze to death. Our wonderful host came to the apartment at 3 am to bring us a space heater but of course the heat came on as soon as he got there. Bless him.


The rest of the trip was spent sight seeing and stopping by every sample sale we saw. I'm not sure if we lucked out and got there on the perfect weekend but there were sample sales everywhere. Things were discounted 50% or more in some sales so we were irresponsible and spent more than we should have. However, I have absolutely no regrets. I bought clothes, a notebook and pen from Muji, a Black Panther Pop, a backpack, face masks, sketchbooks I didn't need and this super unique bracelet made from an old watch. 

I've only been to New York twice and haven't been able to hit all the tourist traps so my friends graciously allowed me to freak out over landmarks. We saw the Radio City building and Apollo theater as we speed walked through the city. Our main destination was Strand Bookstore and let me tell you... it did not disappoint. We spent half the time outside looking through $1 book carts! On the inside I felt like I was in a nerd's wonderland and I didn't want to leave. There is so much to look at while it's all crammed together. People saying "excuse me" every second while you navigate the aisles. I told myself that I wouldn't buy any novels since I already have too many on my to-read list but I walked away with some pins and drawing books. In the future I won't be so strong.

At Times Square I got caught up in the "costumes" and took a picture with Spiderman. Those terrifying minions from Despicable Me where there but my friends are amazing and cropped them out. I got so caught up that I totally forgot that they take pictures for tips and I had not one dollar bill on me so I had to run away. 

Lastly, we stopped by B&H. If you love cameras of any kind, you know that this place is heaven. I tested out cameras from different brands and remembered that one day I WILL have a Fuji in my arsenal. The images were so crisp I could see people's pores. The one I wanted was $1200 so unless I start saving now there's no way I'll be purchasing it.


Before I wrap up this stupid long post I have to tell you about the food. One thing on my to do listin NY was get a good slice of pizza. NY pizza is like no other. A few hours before we got on the bus home we stopped by Harlem Pizza Co. and got this beautiful pie. I still dream about this pizza. It was so. damn. good. All big pizza chains do not compare. If you're in Harlem you have to go.

For dessert (after pizza, yes) we went to Levain Bakery. This is the bakery that has huge cookies that are super thick. Ri and I split a double, dark chocolate chip and it was so rich that I couldn't even finish my half. Another must go.

Whoo that post was long. We were only there for about 2 whole days but we did so much! It's always good to find out who you can travel with without killing one another and these girls are perfect. We went with the flow and had such a good time. We're already brainstorming for our next trip. Hopefully next time will be somewhere warm.

If you made it all the way through, you're a trooper. Thanks for reading!