30 Days Of Design Challenge

30 Days of Design-01.png

In an effort to stay productive during my funemployment gap and practice design I decided to begin a 30 Days Of Design challenge. Every day I will sit down and create SOMETHING. It could be a big or small project but I'll keep learning outside of class and not be lazy all day. I began this challenge on April 16th and have been going strong ever since! Every day isn't as inspirational as others but that's life. I don't want to beat myself up if I don't create a masterpiece each day. I'm a beginner so I won't pressure myself to be an overnight success.

Since I began I have learned SO much about productivity, time management, and where to get inspo. This is all outside of how much I'm learning in Adobe CC every day. So far I'm mainly working with Illustrator but I'll be moving over to InDesign to get a hang of publication design. Here are a few of my favorites so far...

Food Mag - Comfort Food.jpg
Breakfast is Served-01.jpg

I've created a magazine cover, some food and a camera drawing that I'm honestly super proud of. To some of you, I'm sure that you'll think "what a noob" but I am a noob! Everyone starts somewhere.

If I would have asked myself 2 years ago if I could create any of these I'd tell you hell no! I can't draw to save my life but using these programs has allowed me to create something that doesn't resemble a stick figure or kindergarten drawing.

Once the 30 days are up I'll be doing a round up post of everything I've learned. I'm also thinking I'll start a type project to get more familiar with typography. Like a A is for Arial thing? We'll see how this one goes first.

If you're interested in following along, follow me on my graphic design IG @reydesignco

I also added a link to my "professional" portfolio website where I'm updating every day. The link is in the top navigation.

Have you ever started a personal challenge?