Late Night Cravings


A bit of a late post today. Super late actually. I’ve been running around so much lately that this post totally slipped my mind. The internet is down at work at moment so here I am.  

It’s almost that awful time of the month so I’m currently craving extra hard. I typically crave the usual which is salty foods or chocolate. I’ll even crave pickles which is my guilty pleasure. However my MAIN PMS craving is pasta... ramen to be exact. 

For almost 2 weeks straight I’ll crave ramen and I have no regrets. My favorite additions are a poached egg with kimchi. Oh and added pepper flakes. Kimchi isn’t enough to quell my spicy craving.  

Yesterday BB and I went to Friday’s and I wanted a super cheesy pasta. Friday’s didn’t have a cheesy one so let’s just say I was devastated. Today, I’ll take matters into my own hands and make some chicken Alfredo for dinner. It’s simple with not much cooking time but enough cheese to hold me over. I just gotta wait for the chicken to thaw *groan*. 

Our recipe is super simple but let me know if you want a quick breakdown! What are you craving?