Another Day At The Gallery


Hello again from Adah Rose Gallery! Adah Rose usually emails me from time to time to gallery sit so here I am on this cloudy day. We've had a few visitors since we opened at noon which means it's been a good day. 

// This week I printed 8 pieces of work to put into my portfolio. At only $3 per print for a 8.5 x 11 that's not too bad. Although, the guy that prints work had a really hard time but it was because his screen wasn't properly calibrated. He was grateful to me though because now everything's fixed. In return, he gave me allll of the prints he did (there are 4 copies for some of them) that I could choose from. Some of these were happy accidents so I'm not complaining. I just finished my newsletter to be printed Tuesday and I'll be redoing my branding project for the final touch. Now I just need to figure out how to order them...

// I thought that Thai New Year was this weekend so I was sad that the weather is crappy. Mama Thai recently told me that it's actually next weekend so my hope has returned. I'd love to use footage from the event for my final project. My professor failed to tell us that when shooting video on our phones we still have to shoot horizontally or the black bars will be on each side. Now I have so much NY footage that I can't use. Thanks, professor. It looks like next Saturday may be in the high 60s which is juuust hot enough for me to go.

// Change is coming. If I get this internship I'll have to make a hard decision on either leaving my current job or not doing the internship at all. My job is currently strapped for time since we're opening a new location. I'm so conflicted because I'm having to choose between my dreams/future and my loyalty to my boss/job. I know I should put myself first but the last thing I want to do is potentially burn a bridge. What should I do?

After I close the gallery I have to stop by Michael's to buy a new portfolio since mine is so old.  WIsh me luck this week for the interview! I'll need all the luck I can get.

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash