Lexington Market


If you know about Baltimore, you'll know about Lexington Market. For Mother's Day, BB's grandma came up from Virginia and she loves to go every time she visits. I've never been to the market so I was interested in seeing what it was like. It's located in the heart of Bmore and does not disappoint.


People mainly go to the market to buy fresh food. There is fresh seafood, veggies, fruits, and meats where you pick out your own cuts. BB's family was there to buy fish and greens to make for dinner. All of the vendors were super nice and extra helpful.

There aren't many places like these around where you can make sure that all of your groceries are fresh without going to a traditional grocery store. There's a lot of hustle & bustle but it wasn't so crowded that it was hard to walk around or people were rude. A lot of interesting characters but that's Baltimore for you.


While you're buying food, you can also eat! They had food from all over. There was Chinese food, Greek, Jamaican... I got a gyro but honestly it wasn't very good. BB got chicken and waffles from Connie's and it was amazing. The fried chicken was soo good so I know what to get the next time we go. I was so upset that I didn't see the Jamaican place before I ordered a gyro. Their curry goat smelled amazing and I haven't had it in forever. We also stopped by their seafood area where BB and his mom ordered some oysters. They're a little too much for me so I didn't take part. I'll stick with mussels. 

If you're in Baltimore, I would definitely suggest going to Lexington Market. I'm sure it gets super busy there as the day goes on so I suggest going in the morning or around noon like we did. Parking is also a hassle as the day goes on.

When we got back, I helped BB's grandma prepare the greens. I've never been a huge fan but I'm officially a green lover now. They're usually too bitter for my taste but she added some pork fat while they were boiling and now I think I'll take a bowl for myself. 

Have you ever been to Lexington Market?