Old School Blogging


I think I started reading blogs about 5 years ago. I read them to escape my own life stresses and take a peek into someone else's. I read about the lives of successful entrepreneurs, broke college kids like me, fashionistas... you name it. To me, the best part was reading about how we all struggle with the same things from time to time. How we're not alone in the world. Back then, I had so many lifestyle blogs to choose from. Now? It's a bit harder to find. 

I remember participating in weekly roundups and weekly goals where blogs would all write about something and the host would have a list of everyone. There was such a huge sense of community and up and coming bloggers could actually feel like they meant something.

Today, articles and blogs are filled with how-to's and other junk telling you how you should live your life. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good "how to achieve success" post but when it seems like everyone is writing one, it gets redundant. These types of posts usually get the most clicks so if you are building a business with a blog then obviously this is the kind of content you'll post. 

Everyone wants that "perfect life" that involves having all your shit together, a dog, healthy plants and good mental health. With social media, it seems like most people have this but we all know this isn't the case. We all have bad days, weeks, and months and that's ok! Maybe I want to read about how someone pissed you off or how everything went wrong that day. It's still ok to rant about something just to get it out your system. It's ok to freak out then see how many readers are rallying behind you just to say it'll all work out.

I guess what I'm trying to say in all this rambling is I miss true lifestyle blogs. I miss posts that are honestly about nothing but how a person's day/week went. Not the "how to get perfect skin" and "how to make a capsule wardrobe" posts every week. I try to do this on my own little space here but at times I think no one cares because the blogosphere has shifted so much.

Everything comes and goes in phases so I'm hoping that it'll go back to this one day. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few blogs that I really love at the moment. 

Winding Ridge Lane
Brunch At Audrey's
Design For Mankind

I always wonder if I'm alone in this thought. Do you miss old school blogging?