What Day Is It?

I swear these blog posts are the only way for me to keep track of the days. It's been over a month since I've had to be somewhere between 9 & 5 and I think It's finally getting to me. I'm not gung ho (is that the phrase?) about going back to work but I'm ready to have something to do everyday.

// Saturday - Went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. I bought him a celebratory drink and it was hilarious to teach him to not mix light/dark, beer/liquor etc. We wanted him to get fucked up but not get a huge hangover the next day. After that I stopped by my aunt's to see my little cousin go off to prom. I know I'm getting old as fuck because I used to babysit them! All of my babies are grown now.

// Sunday - Had a daddy/daughter date to see A Quiet Place! I'm usually a total wimp with horror movies but this one was so good. I wouldn't call it "scary" though. There were scary moments but the main point was for you to fall in love with the characters. There was even a moment where I almost shed a tear. It's been said that a sequel will be done and I am so ready. When I got home BB and I went to a work event where we hung out with his coworkers. It's always fun being with them so we had a good time. I tasted a weird daiquiri made with strawberries, carrots and mangoes but there were no complaints.

// Monday - BB's mom was off so we had a girl's day. We went on a long walk in the park that had my abs and legs burning. People don't realize that walking is such a great way to work out. The park we went to is right along the Chesapeake so we came across two turtles along the way. They were not impressed by us. Afterwards we spent way too long in Target and had lunch at Red Robin. The mistakes began when we went to Old Navy. I needed a cute sundress for my cousin's wedding next month and the 30% OFF DRESSES sold me. I'm honestly not a fan of Old Navy but how can you resist that. It was a grave mistake because EVERYTHING was on sale and I almost had to give my card to BB's mom. I walked out with two dresses and two tanks. We window shopped in DSW too but we exercised enough self control so we didn't get anything. Thank god....

I've also been binge following a whole bunch of blogs lately. Audrey from Brunch at Audrey's gave me all of these awesome recommendations and I've been pouring through them. Some of them had a blogroll where they compiled their favorites so I've fallen down the rabbit hole.

Please excuse me while I stare into my ipad until my eyes cross....