Why You Shouldn't Play The Comparison Game


Why is it that whenever you're scrolling through social media and see someone's accomplishment, there may be a twinge of jealousy? You're happy for that person, but you can't help but ask yourself why you haven't accomplished any of your goals yet? This my loves, is the shitty parasite known as comparison. Comparison can be such a dream killer. It can make you feel like such a failure while you're surrounded by others that are killing the game. Today I wanted to share my own struggle with this game and why you should never play it.

As an artist, I'm always looking to others for inspiration. It's great but every once in awhile I'll think "I'll never be that good" or "why am I not at that level yet?". I've also fallen prey to seeing people on YouTube that are my age that have their own apartments, houses, vivid social lives and MONEY that I don't have. I sometimes think about what I didn't do that led to me being nowhere near their success. Recently, I joined a Facebook group for women entrepreneurs and bloggers and I'm getting real tired of seeing "I JUST GOT 500 FOLLOWERS DURING MY FIRST MONTH OF BLOGGING!". One person got over 2000 page views in one month. How. The. Fuck.

Instead of beating myself up about my life, three things got me out of my rut.

Remember that no one has a perfect life.

People are always posting their vacations, engagement or pregnancy news, graduations and all other accomplishments so it looks like their life is "perfect". They rarely share a bad day so you don't get to see the hardships they face in between those accomplishments, Remember that everyone has bad days. People have hardships just like you and have worked hard for what they have. 

Reflect on your accomplishments.

Don't forget everything you've done this far! We're so focused on the goals we haven't reached that we totally forget what we've already done. You're doing great so relish in those past achievements. Brag a bit!

Work hard.

Keep working on those goals. I know there are days where it may seem that it's impossible. I promise that everything you've done, no matter how small, has gotten you closer and closer. All of those long hours, sleepless nights, and worrying won't be in vain.

No one's journey is the same. It's not a straight journey either. Just because someone may have reached a goal earlier doesn't mean you won't get there too. By focusing on yourself and not comparing, you see the beauty in your own journey and appreciate how far you've come.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash