A Taste of Summer


It's been a long week. This doesn't seem like something an unemployed person would say but it has been! I've had a few little victories happen that allows me to not wallow into oblivion so I'm a happy camper. Mother Nature decided to skip spring for a few days where we've had 80 and 90+ degree weather! Signal terrifying bees and mosquitoes. I went to my car the other day and I thought someone painted my car green. I ran it through the wash and it was gorgeous for about a day. At the moment, it is green again.

// The semester is finally over. I completed my last assignment early so I wasn't required to attend class for a whole week. On Thursday we had our final crit of a few projects before we all said goodbye. Our professor offered our classroom if we wanted to come in next Tuesday but that will be no from me. I came out of this class with a few things I'm proud of so it's bittersweet for it to be over. I have my portfolio review for the AFA program next Thursday so wish me luck! I just need to fill out the written application and fill up my sketchbook a bit more. If worst comes to worst I'll have to take a summer session of drawing.

// BB and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We're so relaxed about holidays like this that we weren't sure if it was on the 2nd or 4th of May. We celebrated by going to a seafood restaurant right off of the Bay Bridge so you can relax by the water. People mainly go for a crab feast but we split a platter. We even tried their alligator bites. It wasn't bad but a bit too chewy for us. For dessert we stopped in Annapolis for frozen yogurt. We made the mistake of walking into a comic book store and I never wanted to leave. Besides the movies I'm not a huge superhero fan but I found some great graphic novels that I've already ordered on Amazon. Before going home and escaping the 90 degree weather we took the dogs on a walk around the park. We would've walked for a longer amount of time but our little Sebastian has tiny Dachshund legs so he got tired quickly. It was a great day just spending time with Bae.

// The job hunt continues. I've been applying and applying and applying. I've found some really interesting places though so keep me lifted in prayer so I can get an interview. Half of me can't wait to get a paycheck again and the other is having too much fun not having to work a 9-5. I'm looking for a good balance of the two. A decent paycheck and an environment that won't make me want to scratch my eyes out.

This weekend we'll be celebrating Mother's Day early by taking my stepmom out to her favorite Indian restaurant tomorrow. She'll be out of town on the actual weekend but I didn't want to not see her. I'm hoping to keep slowly filling up my sketchbook this weekend too. I'll be rewatching Minnie's 30 Ways To Fill A Sketchbook series on YouTube so I don't fall into a rut.

What are your plans this weekend?