How I Push Through Artist Block


If you've been keeping up with me, you'll know that I recently completed a #30DaysOfDesign challenge. I'd be lying to you if I woke up brimming with inspiration each day. At least half of those days I was sitting in front of my computer totally blank on what to do. I could create whatever I want but that vastness just led me to nothing. When I needed a gentle push (shove) in the right direction, these helped me get through the mud.

Just do it 

When in doubt, just do. There would be times where I'd just start putting pen to paper or pen tool to canvas until something sprung at me. Just letting my mind go helped me push past the overthinking and sometimes led to my favorite works. When I overthink, I end up overworking my pieces and they most likely turn to shit. I work best when I completely zone out and just do.


Looking to others' work was an absolute lifesaver for me. I loved seeing how people pushed boundaries and created the cutest things that I would've never thought of. I'd scour these accounts for hours just soaking up all of the gold. Some of my favorite accounts are weloveillustration,, illustrationisland, and vector.mob. All of these accounts compile work from other designers so it's a great place for inspo and connects you to personal accounts to follow.


If you're not hip to Pinterest I have no idea what your life has come to. Pinterest has everything. The best part for me is I can save my favorites to boards so I can go back to them later. It's like tumblr but without the usual social media drama. All creatives should be on Pinterest in my opinion because it's spilling over with work that you may never stumble upon elsewhere. I have boards for layouts, brands, typography, color, photography, you name it. Sometimes other platforms can be a hit or miss but Pinterest always has something I like.

You can follow my Pinterest account, blog IG and design IG if you want to take a peek at who I'm following if you're also having major artist block. What do you do to get out of the mud?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash