The Beauty Edit | My Go-To Haircare Products


I thought I'd try something new today and let you guys know my hair journey and go to products. I am in no way a beauty guru but these products have kept me looking semi-decent for awhile so I thought I'd share.

Depending on the length of my hair, it can have all three textures - curly, wavy and straight. When it's long, my roots are wavy and turn to ringlets at the ends. But, if you look underneath towards my neck, it straightens out. I have no clue why this is except maybe it's my Black and Asian genes fighting one another to coexist. Now that it's shorter (around my shoulders) it's only wavy/curly. The picture above shows my hair today (and a puppy to brighten your day).

When I was young I had no idea about hair care so I did whatever to make sure I didn't look crazy. My mom would only have to wet it and put baby lotion for my fly aways to be tame which was such a blessing. As the years went on I used that awful olive oil spray that did nothing but make my hair smell like I was about to fry something. After years of not even a trim I had mile long dead ends that I had to get rid of TO MY SHOULDERS. Imagine a foot of hair being damaged.

It wasn't until after I graduated high school that I started experimenting with products. My hair is very slick and kinda fine so heavy products make it stick to my head. I've tried Shea Moisture, Cantu, Curls... you name it. My ultimate favorite was Redkin but a long time ago they changed their formula and it never worked again. I've always wanted to write an angry letter. I'm still on the hunt to find the "perfect" product but the one's I'm about to share are pretty close.


The first is the Black Vanilla Leave-In (or Combing Creme) by Carol's Daughter. I heard a lot of good things about this one and it smells divine. Moisture is vital to maintaining curls so I always make sure I have at least a leave-in so I don't look like a bird's nest. I wash my hair once a week and if I'm not going anywhere I'll work this in. If I don't use this after a wash all of my flyaways will emerge and it looks like I've gone through a wind tunnel. While it smells amazing and hydrates my hair, it does leave that crunchy feel that I have to massage out once it dries. It doesn't have much hold either so if I'm out and about my curls tend to separate and get frizzy. It's perfect if I'm in the house but not an every day product.


My everyday/going out product is MIxed Chick's Curl Sculptor. I was hesitant about trying this one because I've tried their leave-in and it did nothing. Thankfully, it surprised me. Last year I had my hair dyed a lighter brown and the chemicals changed my curl pattern a bit. It seemed like my ringlets needed something stronger to hold them. The curl sculptor came to the rescue... my curls are POPPIN. Like Carol's Daughter, it does leave that crunchy feel which sucks but it's not the end of the world. It also leaves flakes at times but I think if you work the product in evenly it won't flake. The consistency is a bit watery but has just enough hold to not weigh down my hair.


Every curly girl knows that searching for the perfect product can be hell. There are a ton of brands and most of them are not cheap! I've had full bottles of product collecting dust because it just didn't work. To not pull my hair out at a wasted bottle I usually gift them to friends so they can try them too. Having your own curl gang (ha) is great since you can do swaps. 

I hope my hair journey and fav products has helped you in your own search. Everyone's hair is different so what may work for me may not work for you. Let me know what your favorite products are, maybe I'll try them!