Why Personal Projects Are So Important

Brownie Recipe.jpg

As of today, I've been at my new job for about 2 weeks. Where did the time go?! I can honestly say I love it for so many reasons. The main one is how I'm doing something I love every day and working with amazing people. One of the best parts is I haven't even heard a phone ring. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll never have to be a receptionist again. I'm done answering calls! No shade to any receptionists out there grinding but I just can't anymore. 

All day I'm designing infographics, flyers, rebranding their colors/fonts or helping with their website. I won't lie by saying it isn't exhausting at times because I'm staring into a screen 8 hours a day. I'm realizing that I'm definitely a person that needs (MANY) breaks or else my eyes start to cross. Gotta build up my endurance I guess.

I'm sure it's common for a lot of us that once we start working full time it feels like everything else is on the back burner. I thought I would still have the energy to design or draw after work but I'm usually exhausted. 8 hours of work and about an hour in traffic both ways is tiring. Shout out to the ladies that can keep going after a long day. To compromise I've decided to create something every weekend.

Personal projects are so important because it gives your mind and creativity a chance to let loose. It breaks up the monotony of your routine and can help you avoid burnout. Personal projects don't have to be masterpieces or even completed. Just doodling can help you wind down and forget about the stress. I've also realized how important these projects are for portfolios. Showing work only from work or school is fine but showing that extra effort goes a long way. 

Last weekend I created a quick recipe infographic for brownies. Why brownies? I've been wanting them for awhile now but have been too lazy to go grab a box of brownie mix. During my daily pinterest binge I saw a few food infographics so I used them for inspiration to create my own. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and thinking of making this a series. What do you think? I'm also open to suggestions on recipes to make! 

What have you made lately?