Podcasts That Get Me Through The Day

If you're like me, you're the kind of person where you have a need for background noise. Whether it's music, a Youtube video or a podcast, you enjoy a bit of commotion. I've jumped headfirst into podcasts again which has been getting through my morning routine and work days. If you're in need of some new shows to listen to you don't worry, I got you.

The Read.jpg

The Read- This is the first podcast I've ever listened to. It's been a few years since then and I see no end to my addiction. It began with Kid Fury ranting on Youtube which led to him ranting on a microphone with his friend Crissle. They talk about #blackexcellence, pop culture, answer reckless questions from listeners and go off on whatever pissed them off that week. I listen to this show as I'm getting ready in the morning for a good laugh. Also, if Beyonce moves a muscle for any reason, they're gonna talk about it.

Gettin Grown.jpg

Gettin Grown- This show is by the beautiful Jade and Keia. They are actually friends of Kid Fury and Crissle which inspired them to create their own show. On Gettin' Grown they talk about how adulting is hard regardless of age and help you get through it. There are episodes on toxic relationships, money, pop culture and lots of other shenanigans. My favorite part is the end where they express their "petty peeves". Pettiness is my guilty pleasure.


Small Doses- I discovered this podcast 2 weeks ago and I'm hooked. How hooked? Hooked enough to binge listen to 25 (?) episodes straight. It's by comedian Amanda Seales. You may know her from Insecure or anything else she's blessed with her presence. She's absolutely hilarious and when I listen it feels like I'm chatting with a good friend. With episodes like Side effects of being West Indian and Side effects of fuckboys, how can I not listen?


Dreams for Breakfast- I think I discovered this show on Instagram and thought I'd take a gander. I haven't listened to an episode yet but it's about how to handle maintaining a business, finances, self-love and other good stuff. There are 17 episodes so far but they're pretty short (around 30 min) so it sounds like I'm going to have another binge party.

My office is suuuper quiet so these shows have helped me keep my sanity for 8 hours a day. I plug my Marley headphones in and tone out any unnecessary banter. I keep one earmuff off of course but otherwise, I'm tuned in.

If you have any podcast recs, let me know!