Feeling Over Productive

If I had to describe the past week in one word, it would be productive. I've done so much since publishing my Game Plan that I'm feeling a little burnt out! I've been going strong for at least 4 days straight so I think I need a day off to get my energy back up. 

// Blog stuff.
If you haven't noticed, the blog changed a teeny bit! I have an official logo and introduced some color into this space. I'm proud to say that the logo is my own handwriting and I successfully recreated it. It just adds a personal touch that can't always be achieved with a font. I also did some tweaking with the layout because I was browsing through other blogs and saw one with almost the exact same theme. I haven't changed the official theme but I changed around a few things so it's not as recognizable. Let me know what you think!

I also joined a few groups on Facebook for bloggers and entrepreneurs. To be perfectly honest, it's clogging up my feed which has been kind of annoying but I'm trying to find a way to lessen the number of posts I see from each group. They are super encouraging and helpful though so I'm still glad I joined. It's really nice to see so many women come together to help one another. 

Since I've joined these groups my engagement and views on the blog and IG have skyrocketed. I'm doing my best to do my part too so I've found a lot of new blogs to follow. It's gotten to be so many that I may need to go through and weed out the ones that haven't posted in forever. I'm also trying to remain more consistent on social media using IG stories. Have ya noticed?!

2018-06-05 13_41_19.907.JPG

// Design stuff.
A few days ago I started a new branding project for a holistic health company. I used one of the design groups I joined to get some feedback and a lot of people gave really great advice. I'm still on the fence about two designs but I know I'm on the right track. After I nail the logo I'll be doing a brochure, package design and web design. Be sure to keep up on my design IG to see the progress!

To keep up with my "learning to draw" journey I've been doodling more and practicing with my new watercolors. I'm experimenting with shades and blending at the moment and it is so satisfying. I think once I master watercolors I'll move to gouache. 

// Misc. stuff.
I got a plant! I've been wanting one for forever now but I was afraid that I'd kill it within a day. A few days ago I plucked up the courage to bring home this little succulent. I think it's the "sunrise" succulent and it has adorable pink tips. My friends and I have decided to call her Penelope. I've been advised to water her once a week and with only a small amount of water to not drown her. Cross your fingers for me!

The last of my cousins have graduated! All of my little ones have either graduated this past week or will this weekend. Where did the time go?! I saw one go off to prom and on Monday I went to his graduation brunch with the family. I feel like a fossil now.

Have you all heard of the camera app, HUJI? It's similar to Fuji (but without copyrighting issues). It mimics the look of disposable cameras right in your phone. Disposables are my absolute favorite but getting rolls developed is such a hassle now. All of the images in this post were taken in the app. Do you like? I think I'm in love.

Whoo that was a long one. I told you it's been a crazy week. What have you been up to?