A Photography Fresh Start


Last week, a fellow intern at work asked me to bring my camera to the office so I could get some shots of him filming our office. The morning I was bringing my camera, it fell off of a counter. Hoping that it was ok, I examined it and saw that the base of the lens had come apart. Feeling disappointed, I thought I could bring along my other zoom lens instead. Later at the office, I remembered that I was gifted with this lens by my mom who got it from someone who ripped her off. It was also broken. So now I have a DSLR body with no lenses.

The lens that broke was a kit lens and I've had it since high school so I'm not too distraught about losing it. I've been bluffing on purchasing new lenses for years so this will be the big push I need to purchase good ones. But for some reason... I'm hesitant.

There was a time where my passion for photography was at an all-time high. I binged on photo books, soaked up knowledge and scoured through the internet and magazines for inspiration. During my undergrad, I lost that passion as it felt like I was only producing work for school and not for myself. Since then, I've barely touched my camera.

I'd love to get back into it. I see photographers flourishing and new ideas coming around but I just never seem to do it. I do have a Sony that's a more compact version of my big Nikon that comes in handy but it's still a struggle for me to get up and shoot. I don't think it's worth buying totally new lenses for my Nikon if I won't even use them. So what do I do?

My family is planning for an event later this year and I know that I'll want to shoot for it. This would be the perfect excuse to get back into the swing of things but until then I need to get my passion back. One thing I think I should start doing is keeping my Sony with me at all times. Even if I don't use it, it'll be with me. It's small enough to fit in my purse and I have several batteries for it. 

Last semester I talked to another student that uses the community darkroom (which is free of course). Film is what's pulling me back in so taking advantage of the darkroom may also be my best bet. The only downside is I can only develop black & white but this may end up being a fun challenge. I'd love to break out my old faithful Canon AE-1 (same camera as the photo) and bring her to life again. Some of my favorite photos were taken on her.

What have you done to get an old passion back?

Photo by Timothy Lamm on Unsplash