Thoughts and Ramblings


Hey there on this rainy Saturday. The weather is going to be gross for the next week so right now I'm in bed thinking about the past week and other random things.

//. Last night the family and I went to a drive in movie! I thought these were extinct but Baltimore has one little gem left called Bengie's. It was a triple feature of Incredibles 2, Ant Man & The Wasp and Tag. We only stayed for the first one though. The tickets and food were super cheap so we'll definitely be going again.

//. I've successfully created two flyers for my job that printed well. I was terrified of if the colors would print correctly but no need anymore. The company we print with is super helpful too and will call me if anything needs to change.

//. I've been on a houseplant binge on YouTube. My teenie succulent is thriving with new baby leaves so now I think I have a green thumb. Next on my list is a cactus or aloe plant.

//. This weekend is the annual art festival Artscape but because of all this RAIN I won't be going. I think it'll still be happening but it's outside and most of the fun is walking around. Oh well... next year I guess. 

//. Yesterday I was on Spotify to look for new podcasts to listen to while at work. Last week I shared some I usually listen to but now I have at least three to add to the list. My new guilty pleasure is called And That's Why We Drink by two ladies that share ghost and true crime stories. You get really into the stories to the point where I had goosebumps. One tells the ghost stories while the other shares the true crime story so each of them are like NOO WAAYY so you don't feel alone in your freakouts. 

//. I've had this super strong itch to draw lately. Buildings and houses especially. I think the simple, geometric shapes are appealing right now since it's therapeutic to not have to worry about extreme details. 

//. My vertigo is coming back, but nowhere near the agony I went through two years ago. This time it's only second long spouts of dizziness so I have an appt with my doc on Thursday. It could be because my ears need to be cleaned out, I need to drink more water, or because I've been using headphones so much lately. Hopefully, I can figure this out cause I'm over it. 

I think I'll grab a cup of tea, watch some videos, draw a bit and schedule a few blog posts today. What are you up to?

Photo by Rizky Subagja on Unsplash