Happy Fourth?


If you're in the US, you're probably celebrating Independence Day by cooking out, lounging by the pool or beach, and watching fireworks. I'll be doing all of these things today on this wonderful day off but personally, I won't be celebrating this country.

Why? Because this country is trash.

Now if you have to sit back and think "why do you think this country is trash?", either you've been under a rock for awhile or you're hiding inside of your bubble of privilege. 

The US loves to gloat about how we're "the greatest country" and how "everyone wants to be us" but my first questions is why? This country thinks it needs to stick its nose into everyone else's problems when we have L O A D S of problems of our own. Whether it's debt, poverty, awful healthcare, high cost of education or even basic human rights... it's a fucking shit show here so how am I supposed to be patriotic?

If you're still a little lost about why I'm feeling this way, here's a little list to jog your memory:

  1. #45 - Do I really need to explain? The orange cheeto has ruined the world's view of us (if it wasn't already awful before) and has sunk us into a deep hole. His campaign divided our country so much that it feels like there's an unspoken civil war between Trump supporters and everyone else.
  2. Police vs. POC - I'm not sure why it seems like the police are on a rampage to kill innocent POC (mainly black) for no reason but it's been on the rise for way too long. If a person is unarmed, there is no reason for them to be killed. For a few weeks, it seemed like an innocent black man was killed once or twice a week. It resulted in me calling BB, my dad, and grandfather all the time to make sure they were ok.
  3. Puerto Rico is STILL struggling - Remember Hurricane Maria? Remember how it devastated Puerto Rico so much that it left its (AMERICAN) citizens without power, water and food? Well, it's still happening and I don't hear anyone doing anything about it.
  4. Flint, Michigan is STILL without clean water - Again.... it's still a crisis. People forgot about it so quickly that the government stopped giving out free bottled water because they claim that it's ok now. It's not. It's really not.
  5. Family Separations -  The fact that there are infant detention centers is beyond my comprehension. #45 thinks he did something right by ending separations but I can guarantee that a lot of those children won't see their parents again. I recently heard a story about a woman that crossed the border and had her baby taken away for 5 years. When she was finally able to get out of custody, she obviously wanted her kid back. However, in those 5 years they put her baby up for adoption against her will and the courts won't let her have her child back. There's a special place in hell for everyone involved in that story.
  6. White people calling the cops on POC - Whether you're #permitpatty or #bbqbetty, white people need to stop calling the cops on POC minding their business. Black people can't fall asleep in common rooms at college, grill at the park, relax at Starbucks or even sell bottled water without a white person calling 911. I'm ready for police to start fining people for wasting their damn time.

I could really go on and on about the problems in America but you get the gist. So no, I won't be celebrating this country today. I will be enjoying this hot as hell day off as if it's just another day (but with fireworks). I know I may get backlash from ignorant people for this post but last time I checked, this is my blog so I can write what I want. And if you somehow feel "attacked" by anything I said... if the shoe fits, wear it.