Beach Day Recap

2018-07-07 141859.021.JPG

It's been a week since the girls and I had a mini road trip to Rehoboth Beach and I'm itching for another trip. We had an amazing time so I here’s a quick recap of our day.

8 am -  The girls arrived at my house and Ri got to spoil Boop and Llama with tummy rubs before we left. We realized that each of us brought snacks so we had maybe 4-5 bags of chips, wraps and 4 bottles of water. We were ready.

12:30 pm - By this time we finally arrived in Delaware after passing through four freaking tolls. One of them was $8! We're used to only 3 or $4 so we were appalled. The tolls alone took up almost all of our cash. Despite our empty wallets, we didn't hit any traffic until we actually arrived.

12:45 pm -  While the beach is beautiful, the parking isn't the best so we rode around for awhile before we stalked some people to see if they were moving their car. Once we nabbed our spot we grabbed all of our bags and headed towards the water.


1 pm -  We made it to the water! Unlike other beaches, Rehoboth isn't as deep so you don't have to trek for awhile to reach the water. This caused it to be a bit crowded but nowhere near as crowded as OC would've been. As you may have noticed in the picture above, there was no sun. The weather claimed it would be partly cloudy but it was only cloudy with a strong breeze. The wind caused the waves to be super harsh so the lifeguards wouldn't let people go too far and the tide was really high. Instead of us being disappointed at the weather, we laid out our towels and soaked up the sun... I mean clouds.


2 pm - Since we were by the water the wind kicked up a bit more so Ri and I decided to stop in one of the souvenir stores to get some sweaters. We both found some super comfy ones for only $15 and it was well worth the money. It shielded us from the cold so we could enjoy the sand. We spent the next hour and a half reading, dozing off and taking a walk along the boardwalk.

3:45 pm - The girls and I were minding our business when we heard a lot of people yelling. We quickly looked around to see the tide had risen so much that when the waves crashed it reached a lot of people lounging. They had to pick up their towels, kids and bags since they were pretty soaked. We took that as a sign to pack up and head back to the car just in case the next wave wanted to reach us too.

2018-07-07 142050.996.JPG

4 - 5 pm - Before we left we did a little window shopping on the boardwalk. We popped into a beautiful shop that sold Buddha and Ganesha statues. Ri somehow found one for $5 while all the Buddha statues were $20 and up! Needless to say, I was pissed. The statues were stunning but I wasn't gonna pay that much while a Ganesha was only $5. We picked up some salt water taffy for another friend and headed back to the car to get on the road again.

5:30 pm - I was starving as we were leaving and I wanted to grab gas before the 3-hour ride so we stopped by a Royal Farms. Ri and Lo had never been blessed with Royal Farms fried chicken so I was happy to introduce them and now they're hooked. If you haven't tried it yourself, you're missing out.

8:30 pm - Dropped the girls off at Ri's house. Lo's boo picked her up from there and it was time for me to finally head home. My feelings were hurt a bit though as I had to pass my house to drop them off and I was dead tired. I had another hour of driving in front of me.

9:30 pm - Finally home. My throat was scratchy from recklessly yelling all day so I took a shower, made some tea, caught The Devil Wears Prada on tv and knocked out.

The next day I had to wake up at 6:30 am to take the kids to PetSmart for their haircuts. I woke up looking like a zombie.

Despite the awful weather and the high tide, I had a great girls trip. Being with these two is always fun so we're already thinking of where we'll go next. We're thinking a weekend trip to Philly would be nice.

Where's your next trip going to be?