Dreams Of Florida


Since the year started, I made the decision that once I complete my second degree I want to move to Florida. I've lived in Maryland my entire life so I'm absolutely sick of it. Don't get me wrong, the DMV is a really nice area but it's time for me to experience new things. One of the main reasons why I want to leave is the DMV is very expensive. Being close to DC, the cost of living is super high which makes it difficult to be out on your own. It's almost a requirement to have a roommate because you can't afford it by yourself. I make a decent amount over minimum wage but it's still nowhere near enough on top of my other bills. If you can find a studio or one bedroom apartment in a decent area for less than $1000/month, let me know.

So why Florida? 

The beach.

Like most people, I love the beach. I love the smell, atmosphere, sand, water... everything. I thrive in the sunshine so since Florida is one of the sunniest states, it's where I want to be. I'm thinking of moving to the Tampa area which is close enough to the beach where I can hopefully visit whenever I need to.

The weather.

The DMV's seasons are all over the place. In a week it can rain, snow, and be sunny. There is no way to predict what Mother Nature has up her sleeve and I'm over it. I also hate the cold with my entire soul so being in an area where it usually doesn't get below 60 degrees is a blessing.

Lower cost of living.

Florida living is nowhere near as expensive as the DMV. I'm sure it's also the area you're in as well. Miami and Orlando are probably the most expensive areas since they're the most popular. BUT, it's still reasonable. I was apartment hunting one day and found 1-2 bedrooms going for $600-800 a month. I almost passed out. THAT'S SO CHEAP compared to MD.

I'd be kidding myself if I didn't acknowledge that everywhere has downsides. No place is perfect so I'm happy to take the good and the bad. For me, the bad are...


We know that Florida gets hit by several hurricanes a year. Not all of them are to the extent of Maria and other well-known ones but they can still be dangerous. My logic of dealing with this is knowing that thousands of people deal with this every year so I can too. They're used to it so they take the proper precautions.

The humidity.

Heat is one thing, humidity is another. I'm no stranger to humidity as it gets humid as fuck in the DMV too. However, I've heard that humidity in FL is a whole nother beast so I'll need to get used to it. I think I'll just need to invest in a great deodorant and anti-frizz products for my hair. Oh and taking way more showers throughout the day.

The animals.

FL has many swamps. With swamps, come swamp animals. Crocs, snakes, spiders, lizards... etc. I am afraid of all of these. If I see an ungodly large insect along with any reptile I'm freaking out. I'm just going to have to pray that they leave me alone and have Raid on deck at all times. Reptiles are cool at a distance, not in my house.

Am I nervous about leaving the majority of my family behind to start anew? Of course. Although, I'm moving somewhere that people would love to visit for vacation so I'll be telling everyone to visit me all the time to make up for it. I will have a few family members there so I won't be totally alone and will have some familiarity around if needed. 

Have you ever done a huge move? Let me know your experience!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash