What I Learned In 3 Months Of My Internship


Last week, my summer internship came to an end. Most of the other interns have left for college or preparing for their last year of high school. I'm happy to have met so many amazing people that were nothing but encouraging, fun and a pleasure to work with. In these past 3 months, I've learned way more than I thought I would in such a short time so I wanted to share them.

// It's ok to not know how to do something. As long as you take the initiative to learn how.

// Stop doubting yourself. What you may think is awful may be amazing to others.

// How to make infographics. Before this summer I've never made one but now I've made at least 5 that will be seen in government documents.

// How to make a PowerPoint template. I don't think I've made a PowerPoint since high school so it was like a blast from the past.

// IT companies aren't always stiff and boring places. There is so much life in our office so it breaks the stereotype.

// How to create a style guide. I'm still learning about what needs to make up a complete guide but it's the core of a companies branding.

// Meetings don't have to be awful. I know most people hate them and I've been in my fair share of boring ones but sometimes they're necessary to getting work done when everyone is focused on their own thing.

I was sad about having to leave this little company once school started but happy to hear that they loved my work so much that they wanted to keep me during the fall. Instead of an intern, I'll be considered a consultant which gives me the flexibility to change my schedule for school if needed. I'm hoping to stay with them until I finish my associate's but I know that may be asking too much. I'll keep hoping though.

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash