September And Fall Goals


September has come! While I do love the summer, fall is my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold. Crisp mornings, comfy sweaters, booties and warm drinks. September is usually the busiest months of the year for me as I have a lot of family events so I won't have much time for myself. To keep track of everything, I wanted to write it all down.


-First day of school
-Last beach trip
-Mom's birthday
-Cousin's going away party
-Dad's birthday
-Childish Gambino concert
-Grandfather's birthday

In addition to work and school during the week, it looks like every weekend I'll have to do something. While it'll be nice to be around family for a whole month, I'm definitely going to need some me time to rejuvenate.

A few things I want to accomplish before the year ends is to complete more series of digital illustrations and open up a shop. Since I'll be working part-time, I need to find a way to make more money asap. I've learned that consistency is key in order to gain traction on social media and it's been working! I was even followed on IG by Adobe Spark so I feel like I've finally made it in life. 

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Photo by Keilidh Ewan on Unsplash