Girl's Night In


Lately, it seems like everyone is going through a hard time. I'm blaming it on Mercury being in retrograde because how is it happening to all of my friends around the same time? One thing my friends and I do to check up on one another is group chats. 9 times out of 10, group chats are equivalent to hell on earth but the two that I'm in right now has been some of the best parts of my day. Although, texts can only do so much so we decided to plan a little sleepover to get some desperately needed girl time.

We planned it two weeks ahead and each day we all became more and more excited. My friend Lo was gracious enough to let us sleep at her house and we were so surprised to see that she decorated. It felt like when we were in high school and would pile pillows together to watch movies. Since we're all over 21 now, we substituted juice with three big bottles of wine. 

For dinner, we originally planned to get a big pizza from Costco but Lo's amazing boyfriend decided to cook for us. We already knew he was a really good cook but he outdid himself when he made tamale pie. Tamale pie is super similar to shepherd's pie but with cornbread instead of mashed potatoes. I should've gotten a picture of it but it was too good and I ate it before I remembered to photograph it. 

By 10 pm, we were full of tamale pie and wine and I already started to crash. Embarrassing I know. 10 pm is my usual bedtime so having a full stomach and being tipsy didn't help at all. I tried my hardest to fight it but I think I passed out around 11 pm. Around 1, BB called (AND WOKE ME UP) and I saw that some of us were still awake. After talking to BB I was pretty awake but as soon as I was about to join the conversation they fell asleep!


The next morning, we woke up to Lo's boo making breakfast. The best way to wake up, honestly. He was excited to show us his Belgian waffle maker so we had waffles, cheesy eggs and fried potatoes. He was scheduled to work around noon so we all had to fight the urge for a morning nap to get on the road home.

This girl's night in made me appreciate how much I love my girls and how important it is to carve out time for them. We haven't had a sleepover since high school I think so this was well overdue. 

When is your next girl's night out/in?