Print Magazines Are Dying And So Am I


Last week, I saw that Glamour Mag will be online only by next year. I wasn’t an avid reader of this particular mag but it reminded me how quickly print publications are dying. An article stated that Glamour joined other publications like Teen Vogue and Self in going online only. Conde Nast has also folded a lot of mags in the past such as Lucky and I didn’t even notice.

This has got to stop.

Call me a purist, but I’ll take something printed over an online article any day. The feeling of flipping pages, buying an issue off the rack or keeping a physical copy forever will never be replaced. This month, so many mags had stunning women of color on their covers and I know that people swarmed just to own one. What happens when we can’t anymore? The memory will eventually fade and we’ll have nothing to remember it by.

Even when it comes to books, I’d rather a physical one. I’ve read a few on iBooks before but it wasn’t the same. I know some people love their Kindles and audiobooks but what happens when the power is out? When it runs out of battery? Reading a book under the covers with a flashlight isn’t the same as a Kindle.

I know that in this day and age we’re all digital and blah blah blah but seeing print slowly die is something I won’t cope with well. By the time I have kids will people stop printing? Will libraries become a thing of the past? Will a physical book be “vintage”? The thought of it makes me want to scream.

As a person that dreams of working in a magazine where I could own an issue with my work in it, what do I do? Thankfully, I have two copies of Bethesda Mag that have a photo of mine in it so that memory will never die. But do I have to give up my dream because one day print will cease to exist? I remember one of my teachers hearing of my goal and saying that I may have to drop that goal altogether. At the time, I thought he was being an asshole but maybe he was right… I know I may be jumping the gun here and that may not happen until I’m dead but it’s still heartbreaking nevertheless.

Unfortunately I don’t see an end to mags folding their print versions. Unless a huge phase comes out where people start picking up physical copies again, we’re doomed.

Are there any of purists out there? Is it just me?

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash