Morning Pages


Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather so I got the chance to work from home. I think that day was one of my most productive days as I got so much more done. In addition to actual work, I got to work on school assignments, the blog and social media.

When I got the ok to work from home, I knew that I wanted to create a morning routine to get my mind ready for the day. I started by cleaning, taking care of the dogs, eating a good breakfast and changing into new clothes to get out of worn out pajamas.

One thing I knew I wanted to do was to write my morning pages. I discovered these in a video by Amy Lee about how she writes these pages every morning as a mental brain dump. Amy talks about how therapeutic it can be to write things down without any pressure of what to say or how it will look. It’s super similar to a diary of course but morning pages is meant for you to continuously write for a period of time until your mind is empty of any thoughts. It can be rants, memories, thoughts, dreams or whatever else you need. Some mornings I’ve written 3 pages while others have gone to 5 or more.

At the Renaissance Festival I picked up this beautiful, handmade leather journal. I saw them the year before and knew that I wanted one. I loved the details of the dram catcher, leaf pendant and blue tie it has along with the smooth, cotton like pages.

I’m one of those people that are so afraid to “ruin” a beautiful journal or stress about what to put in it so I forced myself to get out of that mindset. Putting my raw thoughts in this journal sounded like the best thing to do and fit the personality of it. I was worried about how the pages would hold up using pens but it’s holding up really well. Not even pen bleeds so far.

Writing morning pages is like another form of therapy for me where I don’t have to be afraid of who will read them or if my ramblings even make sense. One thing Amy mentioned was these pages are not meant to be read again later. It is meant to allow you to release your thoughts and feelings that morning so it does not weigh on you for the rest of the day. Writing when I was frustrated has helped me immensely because I got out all of my anger and could be more positive later.

I highly recommend writing your own pages. Since they’re not meant to be read again, don’t stress about finding the “perfect journal”. You could write them on loose leaf paper and throw them out right after if you want.