Things I Want To Learn


Since I was a kid, I was super eager to learn. According to my mom, I learned to read really quickly to the point where when I entered kindergarten, I was a bit ahead of the others. My dad told me that I’d beg to ride the school bus so he made a deal with me that if I learned to use the potty on my own, I could go. Few months later? Your girl was potty trained.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had that angsty feeling toward school and never wanted to get up in the morning but if it was a subject I really liked, I was ready. Obviously, art classes held my attention the most from chorus, learning an instrument, ceramics, bookmaking to photography. For the most part, I got good grades in all subjects (accept history and gov’t) but art had my heart from the get go.

It’s no surprise that I’m back in school for graphic design since I missed the structure of college so much. I may not feel like going to these 6 hour classes Monday and Wednesday but the feeling of a good critique will never get old. Right now, there are a few classes I’d love to take but the way my bank account is set up, I need to be a bit choosy on what I use my tuition for.


Printmaking is such a beautiful art. It encompasses a lot of design aspects which is right up my alley. It’s a different way of thinking as you determine which colors are placed where and build up the layers of a piece. This is another medium where you have a hand in it from conception to the final result. I’ve always wanted to lay down ink and use one of those huge presses. You may recognize it with printing t-shirts.


Not exactly art but there is an art aspect to it. Web developers blow my mind with the beautiful websites they can create. At the office, I work alongside a developer for the design aspects which is really interesting to watch. I’ve tried to learn a bit on my own but let me tell you it’s HARD. I never thought it was easy but whoo…. I had to quit for awhile. If you’re interested in learning, there are a lot of free resources for noob coders like myself.


This is the one I’m most active in learning. Adding illustration to my designs would take my work to the next level. Since we’re on the subject, have any of you participated in Inktober? If you don’t know what it is, it’s a drawing challenge every October where you draw something using ink for all 31 days. There is a prompt list you can follow but it’s not mandatory. Lots of people create their own prompts or themes. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone to draw something that’s not so straight forward and to the point of the prompt.

I really think I’m addicted to learning. Since paying almost $1000 a semester isn’t cost effective for the rest of my life, sites like Skillshare will be my best friend. Printmaking would be the only thing that I’d prefer to learn in a studio since it’s all hands on.

Is there something you’ve been dying to learn? Let me know! Maybe I’ll try it too.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash